Armenian Caritas

Project name: Migration and Development III (MD III)

Project Duration: 01.03.2016- 28.02.2019

Location: Yerevan, Provinces of Armenia

Overall objective:

To promote links between migration and development in the Armenian context by contributing to the establishment of sustainable reintegration measures for returnees to Armenia and to prevent illegal migration wave from communities having high rate migration waves and risks.

Specific objectives:

  1. Support the reintegration processthe returnees from EU/ Liechtenstein and Switzerland   through providing assistance in economic stability and social protection
  2. Prevent irregular migration from the high rate migration risks communities, providing social-economic development and increasing public
  3. Establish networks between organizationsArmenia and EU, Liechtenstein and Switzerland for intensifying and systemizing Armenian illegal migrants return to Armenia.

Target groups

  • Voluntary and deported returnees from EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
  • Potential migrants /students, young generation, unemployed population of RA/.
  • Population from the high rate migration communities.
  • Communities which have returnees from EU.
  • Public at large.

Partners: Catholic Relief ServicesLichtenstein GovernmentCaritas Austria

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